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  • Widgetkit 1.0 Released

    Today we are very proud to release Widgetkit 1.0, finally! We kept Widgetkit in BETA status for a long time now.

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    YOOtheme Relaunch

    Since we launched YOOtheme back in 2007 we've used our website design for almost 5 years now. We thought it's time for a change.

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  • New Company Pages

    With our new company pages we want you to meet the YOOtheme team and the support crew. Check it out now.

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    Warp 6.1 Released

    We are proud to announce the next milestone: Our Warp 6.1 framework version is released. Let's have a closer look at it.

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  • ZOO 2.5 STABLE released

    Today we are excited to announce that ZOO 2.5 is stable now! As always a big thank you to all of our BETA testers!

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    Blog Icon Set

    We are proud to present a new club icon set release. It includes some very nice icons. Check them out now!

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Video destacado

nanotecnologiaLa nanotecnología será la próxima revolución que puede liberarnos o puede encadenarnos a los centros de poder.

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Actividad destacada

forosDiscutir el futuro es sumamente importante. Lanzamos el proyecto de un Foro Permanente..

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Para Re-Flexionar

frasesNada mejor que una frase dicha por alguien que recorrió un largo camino para formularla.

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Revista #258

Cover story of this issue: We focus on the global finacial crisis and the power of rating agencies. And we will have a look at the latest 3D TV technologies.


Revista #258

February 2012
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